Quality sealed and certified
Three guarantees for the safety of your products


1. Uncompromising competence 

The prerequisite for offering a comprehensive range of services like we do is the ability to master every process and production step reliably and precisely. Like clockwork, each cog in our production process engages smoothly with the next. The perfect interplay of motivated and competent employees is what characterises our company and indeed is an integral part of our corporate philosophy.

2. Certification and additional QA controls 

The quality management of our manufacturing plant in Schonungen is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001-2015 and complies with all European standards. In addition, we perform additional, far-reaching QA controls according to the four-eyes principle, because we want to guarantee seamless reliability for our customers.

3. Documentation

We continuously document our quality monitoring so as not only to assure quality, but also to further optimise it. Because our philosophy is: If we stop getting better, we’ve stopped being good.

Agreement on the proper re-stamping of materials and products for pressure equipment according to Directive 2014/68/ EU, AD2000 fact sheets and other systems with requirements for the verification of quality characteristics.